Semiauto face mask making machine

face mask making machines

Semiatuo face mask machine machine:

The infomation is from: 1. Automatic counting with effectively control production efficiency and progress.
2. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which is light and beautiful without rusting.
3. Servo control can adjust the running speed of the equipment according to the actual needs.
4. Automatic feeding, more accurate positioning, can make raw material width control to the minimum, cost saving.

The machine is for welding and punching cutting process of the edge of the mask. The fack mask maker machine combines the two processes of the edge melting and punching cutting of the mask. The cutting device is as cutting as weding with PLC control system. The operation is simple and convenient that can be handling by one person

Production speed: 100-120 pieces / min

Size 3500mm (L) × 900mm (W) × 2200mm (H)

Weight: about 500kg

Ground bearing capacity: About 500kg / M

Power 380V/440V

Power: About 5kw

Compressed air 0.6MPa

Delivery: In stock

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