Full automatic pipe rewinding and binding machine


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What role does the guide roll play in the unwinding mechanism of the double reeler?

The guide roller plays a transitional role in the unwinding mechanism of the double reeler. After the strip passes through the tension mechanism, its winding speed and tension change after variable control. In this case, the guide roller is designed to stabilize the tension of the strip after it reaches the expected requirements, and then it is wound on the mould.

Therefore, the guide roller design needs to be stable and reliable. A pair of bearings are designed inside the guide roller, one end of the inner ring of the first bearing is positioned by the shoulder, and the outer ring is fixed by the undercut of the guide roller. A sleeve is used between the second bearing and the first bearing to fix them, and a hole is used at the other end for positioning with a circlip and a round nut.

In this way, the strip winding can not only meet the technical requirements of the double coil winder, but also make the strip not slip or bend in the winding process, and it is not easy to be uneven due to the change of tension.

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