Automatic coiler for pipe

Automatic Coiling Machine FCL-V1000

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Automatic coiler for pipe It is suitable for winding PVC pipe, Pu pipe, PE pipe, cable, corrugated pipe and so on.

Two connection modes, online and offline, can be selected to directly connect with the production line for use, and the winding can be started after the winding size information is automatically set.

After the winding is completed, the automatic conveying is moved to the next station for further winding and packaging.

This equipment is a fully automatic one-piece machine. The whole machine works and is completely packed. It is the most advanced and popular new type of pipe packing mode at home and abroad

Future development of winding machine

With the improvement of the national economy and the rapid development of the market, all kinds of winders are emerging in an endless stream. We are all very concerned about the future development of the winder industry. In my opinion, the trend of the winder industry must be very stable in the future, because many things are inseparable from this step. No matter what kind of goods, manual packing is not enough. In this situation, a lot of coilers with very strong characteristics came into being, such as coiler, automatic packaging line and winding machine.

The pipe winding machine is a kind of packaging machine which integrates winding and winding. It is used in pipe industry such as PVE pipe and PC pipe. The fully automatic unmanned winding machine, which mainly states the understanding, retrieval and examination of the invention of the winding machine or the new practical case sealing machine, is a good equipment in the market. Quality is the guarantee of the development of enterprises and the realization of the harmonious development of society. The development of the coiler industry is very important to the whole national economy because of its high stability, long service life and low failure rate.

At present, the coiler is a popular symbol of the society. Only by coiling different pipes with different styles of coiler can we produce products with unique shape and appearance design that attract the attention of the audience. The use of the coiler has brought high sales volume of products in the market, brought effective competitiveness to many enterprises and become a strong advantage of enterprises. This is also the present situation of the coiler An important reason why it is more and more popular in the market.


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