Tray stretch film wrapping machine

B100型 全自动托盘包装机

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Working principle and precautions of tray winding machine

Now there are more and more manufacturers using the winding machine. The objects of the winding film packaging machine are not only conducive to storage, but also to transportation and can prevent dust, moisture and cleaning. The winding packaging machine can not only reduce production costs, but also improve production efficiency. With the widespread use of winding packaging machine, customers should have a certain understanding of the working principle and precautions of the winding machine before using it. The following is the working principle of the winding machine.

The working principle of the winding machine is to place the winding object on the turntable, then start the motor to rotate, the elevator to start, and the winding machine drives the whole assembly of the winding and binding machine to move up and down, so as to achieve the winding of the object in the height direction, and the turntable to rotate, so as to realize the peripheral winding and packaging machinery of the object, so as to complete the winding and packaging of the whole object.

In the process of using the winding machine, the following points should be paid attention to:

Our staff should regularly check the automatic winding cabinet, clean the electrical cabinet and other parts. When installing the power supply, the zero line must be grounded to prevent electric leakage from hurting people or machines. When the automatic winding machine is working, pay strict attention to safety, try to have a certain safety distance with the machine itself, and do not touch the machine with your body when the machine is rotating.

2. During normal operation of the winding machine, it is necessary to check whether all connecting parts of the automatic winding machine are loose or fall off. Once there are any, they must be tightened or reinstalled. The rotating table of the winding machine is fixed in clockwise direction, and the rotating order must be strictly followed. Avoid damage to personnel or equipment due to carelessness;

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