Pallet wrapping machine

M型 托盘包装机

Automatic winding machine is an indispensable packaging equipment in packaging products. There are many people who use the winding machine, but few people really know the winding machine. Generally, customers only know the function of the machine, and how to realize it is unknown. For the automatic winding machine, the main function is the winding and packaging work. It is quite necessary to understand the winding process.

There are two ways of automatic winding machine, one is manual winding, the other is automatic winding.

Manual winding: lower the mold base to the bottom, place the goods on the bottom plate, place the membrane roll on the roll base, install the membrane in the way of membrane penetration, start the rotary table motor to rotate the rotary table, at this time, the membrane will be wound at the bottom of the goods, when the number of winding turns reaches the number you need, press the membrane rack up button to raise the membrane rack to the required position, and press the membrane rack down button to lower the membrane rack to the bottom, Repeat to complete the packaging and press the stop button. This manual operation is also available for other packaging equipment such as stretching film winding machine, packer and shrinking machine.

Automatic winding: let the automatic winding machine of stretch film be in the initial state, put on the goods, put on the film, select the number of winding circles, times, and the time of over top, press the automatic start, wait for the automatic completion of packaging.