traditional manual packaging

One division of the Illinois knife plant is a manufacturer with a leading innovative stretching packaging equipment and high quality stretch film. All the extension packaging requirements are provided by a single source from the company’s headquarters in Arlington heights. Other reliable devices and M, such as Co and RTM, can provide reliable solutions, such as providing a wide range of solutions to customers. In 2012, the yellow jacket line stretched packaging equipment and services were added to its products. Unevenly and oddly shaped goods are locked on a tray to provide quick and safe packaging. In 2012, muller said the G oriented film and was ready for device oriented products. Compared with traditional manual packaging, this is an alternative, packing productivity can be through with the packaging film and equipment improved, employee safety greatly be improved, the load it can also be improved, good also be greatly reduce packaging costs.

Engineering team is very broad, with manufacturing talented technicians, with their help, M already has the history, including the development of special machine and the choice of innovation, to meet some of the most difficult stretch packaging challenges. A complex 5-layer extrusion process at mill plant in orange, Texas, is made with crystal clear, high quality cast stretch film. Products include: elimination agent t and reduction t series. M’s “dd” stretch film manufacturing facility is located in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, where millions of pounds of stretch membranes are needed every year on state-of-the-art equipment. In order to meet the needs of manual and mechanical film applications, glass packaging and impact hand film and STTM machine film are included in the product. To ensure consistency of the product, there is no problem, so the device follows a strict quality control procedure.

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