stretching packing

The reason for buying fpc1 is how many goods are there per day?

Judging from the investment in fpc1, this is not just an investment in equipment. If you want to justify the purchase of stretching packages, you can only need 10 operations per day. The process of manual packaging can be a tedious, time-consuming and easily harmful process. The consistent output is provided by fpc1, a professional package, and the security of the packaging floor has been improved.

Do you need ventilation for stretching packing?

The answer is yes, for the load that needs to be breathed, with the right technology, stretching the plastic wrap, such as perishable food, pharmaceuticals or agricultural products. There are special stretches, but it’s usually very high in terms of cost. Phoenix packaging company made simple breathable film specially made for perishable goods. A unique film carriage that divides fpc2 into three or more adjustable single bands. These bands are strong enough to keep the load at the same time while still allowing the product to have a proper flow of air.

Is there a custom fpc1?

In Phoenix Wrappers, when we work, we are with each customer, and the stretch packaging solution that best suits their particular situation can be found. We will design a customized elastic packaging so that any customer’s needs can be met. Our goal is to make the right tools to optimize the packaging line for each customer.

What about the maintenance plan?

Should perform a quarterly is preventive maintenance (transmission oil changes, lubrication, the pre-tension efficiency test, test, and record the line voltage and ampere reading, and recalibrate all electrical systems). More information about our preventive maintenance program.

What is the reason for choosing the phoenix head?

The key equipment on the packaging line is fpc1, and there are many alternative devices available in the market. Phoenix Wrappers have a number of superior values, such as design, engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and customer service. Our products and services we need to constantly review with customers, make our design and solution can be set, make customer requirements can be met, and our high standards can be met and implementation.

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