Industrial stretch packaging equipment accessories

Industrial stretch packaging equipment accessories

You can get the right industrial stretch wrappers and parts that can be shipped when you need them to be assured through M. The original equipment manufacturers of marler, Mi and Li industrial stretch packaging equipment include us, so we have a large inventory of spare parts for immediate shipment. The parts can be provided by the cobra, the raptor and the octopus stretcher. And the parts stretch film and special stretch film are also available.

Please call 1-800 – (80-62-677) to assist us in placing orders, manual, checking availability or confirming prices are also required. We are also eager to help because of our friendly and professional customer service team.

If additional help is also needed, the most frequently ordered parts list for each machine can be linked to the correct column

Working environment in order to withstand the heavy industry, so designed yellow jacket, and it reached the reduced a 2-3 person workforce effect, make your tray reaches a certain purpose, such as never leave the forklift and so on. Labor safety and cost can be reduced, the device made by us, then we provide the jacket film, the usefulness of this design is that it is specially designed for use by track wrapper type application of the load.

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