a tedious process for manual packaging

Arlington heights, IL – a lot of orders are products of different size and shape for most customers leave red balls oxygen facilities, safety is the best solution to keep tray need to confirm stretch packaging company, allowing smaller products dropped by and in the process of transportation is tied or other solution, but is usually easy to cause great damage.

The red sphere oxygen is traditionally a palletized pallet, and proper load control is also provided in the process. It requires two employees to pack a load. By contrast, a new yellow jacket can be achieved with just one person wrapping the same load in half the time.

In addition to saving time and money, reducing employee injuries can also be achieved through a yellow jacket. Because this is a tedious process for manual packaging, employees generate unnecessary pressure, and security issues become a serious problem. Back injury is easy to caused by film roll is heavy, – employees will also injured on load or forklift truck, when they are on the tray rotation, by contrast, as a kind of horizontal positioning of stretch packaging machine, yellow jacket can move back and forth in a period of time, but it is still a forklift, so employee injury can be eliminated from the manual packing

“Time and money really saved us,” alex, the vice President, red ball oxygen. “It’s going to extend the health of my employees and that’s the more important thing.”

“As the hardest part of the job, packaging — now is the easiest thing to do,” says warehouse manager, red ball oxygen company H. “Because the yellow jacket simplifies a lot of work, the process can become faster and easier.”


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