a complete packaging testing lab

Recently, the hand of the M membrane and machine film is a wholesale groceries dealers into its supply chain, its commitment to quality products and services has also been promoted, and to a whole new level. The quality of the film is critical to this expansion, but it is actually the service, implementation, and outcome of the real deal.

Compared with the cost of a competitor’s film, M’s film is a bit higher, but it’s easy to beat the preferred unit. The secret of this cost is simple. The long term “partnership” is proposed by M, and this consistent and clear result is also provided.

The common practice of preventing damaged goods is to load with a stretch film. It is very effective to reduce the load of the product in the transport, whether by hand or by machine.

Challenge: optimize the entire supply chain operation to ensure load. This is the end and the means

The grocery dealer also understood that and tried to do that. “People usually think of the stretch film as a basic consumable, and use the price of each volume to judge it,” the customer said. “We challenge our suppliers because we know better, and the true value of ownership and total costs are also presented to us.”


The first step in achieving a larger total cost is to understand the costs involved. Stretching the process means consuming a lot of film and the integrity of labor and products.

Dealer load M has also been analyzed to ensure optimal results. The proven solution is provided with hundreds of DC collaborations, so M will soon be able to identify and present the movie. This film is suitable for this job, which not only comes from M, one of the few companies in the world with a complete packaging testing lab, but also from his decades of experience.


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