stretch film

In reducing transport damage.

In LTL transport, it is not likely to stop at a palletized unit load with dense, heavy objects. As a result, your product has a better chance of not being damaged. Likewise, cartons that are shipped separately can’t be said. Control of inventory can be controlled by additional BIN.

The control of inventory can be promoted in a unified way, because, compared with relatively small packages, large uniform load identification, computation and management are more convenient and easy to manage. In customer service.

The effect of unionization is appreciated by the customers, because the result is that they can get them to unload their trailers and become more effective when transporting goods through the storage system. What is the reason for fpc1? The cost of supply is low

If compared to other packaging and binding materials, fpc1 is the lowest in terms of cost, because it provides the most dollars for the dollar. In moisture-proof, dustproof, moisture-proof aspect to see.

All of these elements are prevented by fpc1, and the contents of the package can be effectively protected. From a reliable performance perspective

The most obvious is its ability to maintain performance and protection of the associated security. There is a great deal of deceit in other packaging materials such as adhesive absorbability. They untie, loosen or not be erased for a period of time, such as minutes or hours.

Flexibility is the essence of fpc1. What is the intrinsic property of the stretch film? This is the load integrity of the variable control “prestretching” and the “back stretch” with variable control.

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