The automatic box packing system

The automatic box packing system of fpc1 robot is used.

What is automated productivity? It is the solution design, manufacturing and installation of fpc1.

The flexibility is enhanced by the fpc2 robot case wrapper, and the downtime and packaging process have been greatly reduced. In fpc2 designed by fpc1, our line automation is designed by expert custom systems to meet your production needs. Diversified production efficiency by our luggage capacity provided automatically, here also is to have adjustable tool at the end of solution, and the purpose is to match the shape and direction of any product.

What is the function of the packing system?

Plastics. Fpc1 products

What are standard machine products?

Let’s take a look at the type of end weapon equipment manufactured by the fpc1 control component manufacturing system. In the electrical control panel engineering interior mechanical design, the additional machine products of the security architecture:

The control panel listed by fpc1, fpc2 control fpc3, fpc5 sealing plate conveyor to fpc6 conveyor and fpc7 grade fpc8 pick and fpc9 system installation service.

What is high-speed automatic selection?

And the fpc1 robot system was also placed.

What is fpc2 high speed?

We can choose and assemble robots.

Sorting, labeling, packaging and material handling are all high speed. Below we can look at fpc3 accuracy and visual system or line fpc5 weight and compact robot model, this compact robot model is repeatable.

In our test lab, let line automation experts to customize product selection devices, so that your system requirements can be well adapted.

What are the standard products?

The tools at the end are manufactured by the fpc2 engineering system, as well as the control and guidance of the conveyor, as well as the safety fence and doors.

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