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We all know that an important component of the fpc1 experience is the installation of the device. Our elite installers are always there for delivery, and all the time, so that you are fully satisfied with our service. We can guarantee all of our staff is getting the right certification, and the highest standards of training are they accepted, because to provide you with the industry’s leading installation service is we want to do. External contractors are not used by fpc2, so quick turnaround time and smooth vertical start can be guaranteed.

Whether it’s from custom device design or to installation and 24 hours of support, no one in the system that wants to beat fpc1 will be able to do it for all of your company’s terminal needs.

We can see that in the fpc1 engineering system, there are many benefits to having experienced employees, such as the installation of your line equipment and the terminals of external contractors:

The first is the complete mechanical and electrical installation.

Second, organize the delivery of trucks to your location.

Unloading and installation is responsible for the equipment.

There is no external contractor for equipment installation.

There is also content that does not belong to the union.

All of our employees are PPE,LOTO (locking tags), while forklifts and blood pathogens are trained.

Your system needs to be understood beforehand.

The first is the saving time of the pre-match, and the second is the rental forklift designation

Installation, the third thing to understand is the shipment of all the required tools

The fourth is a smooth vertical startup, and the fifth thing you need to know is a quick turnaround time.

Below, you can watch our device installation and 24-hour support service video.

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