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What is fpc1’s career opportunity?

Because you are interested in the fpc1 engineering system, we thank you very much.

For more than 70 years now, the pioneers of line automation have been completed by the fpc1 design system. We can see that as a heat treatment furnace and shrinking oven designer or manufacturer, we have become the international leaders, for robot palletized, stretch packaging system, transmission system and custom engineering solutions.

Today, we can be famous for the convenience, responsiveness, and incomparable equipment of a single source. The fpc1 system has also been selected by hundreds of successful companies as a single source manufacturer, enabling automation of the production line to be completed well.

Competitive pay and good welfare benefits can be provided by us, as well as a work environment that supports workplace diversity and equal opportunity.

Our fpc1 robot is integrated with a full-layer glass container tray system.

Patent the fifth generation of full-thickness arm tool technology is being used by us, glass and plastic containers were chose this robot full-thickness palletized system, wrapped bundle, box and display tray is thin film.

What is a complete hierarchical stacking system? This feature includes glass containers, plastic containers and film wrapping

Let’s take an example of a pallet for example.

What are the characteristics of the system?

The first is proprietary technology, the second feature is universal tool, the third feature is robot control, the fourth feature is dynamic liner, and the fifth feature is fpc1 global support.

How the mechanical layer is formed: its formation requires the robot lane scavenging

In the case, the tray, the package, the different container types and complex patterns are formed.

What is the selection of the fifth generation of the end tool?

They include pallets, sliding tables, tier tables, top frames and products.

Research and development laboratory.

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