automatic production line

Our maximum flexibility is provided by reliable, industry-leading robotic tray systems designed to meet your company’s needs as much as possible.

Since 2000, fpc1 robot as authorized system integrators, fpc2 design system in order to be able to provide the turnkey end of the line system solutions, so application fpc1 robotics.

No matter you are a simple single-celled tray system, or the construction of a complex of multi-band station, it doesn’t matter, in meet your needs on the one hand, we are ready to the full. Whatever the task, to your project, we will be in the same integrity and professional attitude to treat, since 1946, our client is always looking forward to and trust us.

When fpc2’s system automatic pallet solution was used by you, you made a very correct decision, why? Let’s take a look.

Because use fpc2 design automation system tray program can make the production line of productivity and product quality have been greatly enhanced, at the same time, the flexibility of production line has also been raised, the manpower requirements of the staff has been reduced a lot, at the same time, also we provide 24-hour service support.

Enjoy our tray and tray machine also has many advantages, and can also be found hundreds of successful companies choose fpc2 engineering system as their single source manufacturer to complete what is the cause of the automatic production line. You can contact our award-winning account manager, then consult, and the consultation is free.

What is fpc1 automatic loader system? It features a fpc2 robot.

We can see that this automatic loader system is ergonomic and can be used in boxes or cartons.

Multiple sizes of corrugated can be handled flexibly.

It can also be applied to the visual aspects of accuracy and reliability.

So what is a double trap critical safety system?

The system includes labor that can be saved, the design is compact, and the padding has been saved a lot.

What determines the fpc2 model is the system requirements.

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