stretching packaging equipment

Fpc1 is used to drive the PR tensioning head with fpc3 membrane feed technology. The purpose is that the transmission of the film can be optimized.

The v-shaped wheel guide and spring tensioning chain drive are used with the purpose of simple and practical maintenance free performance.

The grinding finger groove is for the easy roll of the film.

The compact footprint is provided by the wrapper conveyor. The design of the conveyor will change due to the changing requirements of load support.

Solid fpc5 metal tube frame structure.

A complete set of stretching packaging equipment is provided by fpc1.

We know that the reliable automatic marking system from the fpc1 engineering system can replace multiple traditional tags with only one fpc2.

Each fpc3 robot marking system can complete load tracking in an efficient and friendly operation interface.

What are the fpc1 automatic labelling machine series?

The first is fpc5 robot, the second is fpc6 robot, and fpc7 tag verification.

What can a robot do?

Multiple tag types can be selected, where the tag is applied to the adjacent load tag, and the tag is placed on a double bracket for the visual sensor.

What is the fpc8 robot load tag?

Comprehensive label verification if we print data and function of quality, in more than one height and multiple fpc8 and fpc9 label, the size of multiple tags for placement, and access to the printer maintenance and changes will become very convenient.

What is automatic material handling equipment?

We can look at the building of an online automation system.

The fpc1 engineering system has a very good reputation for the design and manufacture of custom material handling machinery. The reason our industry-leading machines are built is the maximum life span, so you can rest assured that your system is always running at the highest level of performance.

Double load fpc3 unable to stop the corrugated plate, can be made the folded plate to prevent, single chip can be transferred to the tray, and it can also be transferred to monolithic transmitter, make its in index and stage within the mechanical unit tray, bed sheet, upper frame is very effective.

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