What is the standard feature provided by fpc1? Fpc1, or speed is 35 RPM, speed of 60, “80” and 100 + 20 “” 0-300% film pre-stretching capacitance film capacitor heavy tubular frame structure, at the same time fpc2 fpc3 lubrication system and control components, namely we say variable tension control are included, at the same time, and quick screw driver PR tensioning and relaxed film load automatic loading height scanning.

The additional machine options we can make:

We can select the automatic tension control load and automatically adjust the tension load to stabilize the fpc5 lift.

We can customize the design for you through the process of automation.

As you can see, the unbeatable is the automatic stretching wrapper of the fpc5 engineering system, which can be designed to match your enterprise’s unique automation material handling requirements. Our machine is very effective, and it can effectively complete the work. The highest level of protection can be provided to your product. In the process of storage and transmission, the loss of the product is reduced by fpc5, and the cost of the machine is reduced and the productivity is reduced. Your fully automatic stretching wrapper will be the most advanced machine on the market, and the reason is that high quality components are standard and there are several additional customization options available.

If you want to improve your efficiency and equipment life, the right choice for your career is fpc5 stretching wrapping paper.

A complete set of the most durable stretching packaging equipment is provided by the fpc1 engineering system. If you want to improve your productivity and equipment life, a simple option is to wrap the fpc1 stretching.

What is the bearing support wrappers arm?

Low profile pressure holes can be selected in the packaging process. If it is used for packing light and unstable loads we can choose fpc2.

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