packaging product experience

So what are the available tests? Room from the vibration table to the environment, to ensure that products meet the expected state of solution has a lot of, random vibration simulation machine is one of the most popular packaging laboratory testing, packaging product experience of vertical vibration is also in the process of shipping and handling. As we mentioned earlier, the time and cost of simulating long distance travel without risk can be accomplished through a random vibration device. For example, a 30-day train trip can be simulated in a random vibration table for a few hours. Is with the time and date stamp in the portable recorder shock and vibration is a key to the success of the machine, is also a recorder to collect specific data, the data can be work later in the random vibration table, such as replication. The exact location of a product collision, vibration, or vibration can be determined with the combination of a single GPS system. For different products, to adopt different transportation, such as product transported by ship or rail cars, using rotating vibrator to simulate its unique mode of transportation is the best.

Of course there are shocks and impacts, which usually occur in truck and rail car couplings. The coupling of railway cars and the packaging of truck impact can also be simulated by a tilting impact machine.

A palletized unit is placed before the truck or rail car, which is typically carried out by forklifts or other equipment in warehouses and warehouses. It can also be done with a rough handling of the process during the process.

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