major pivot points on the pallet

The chance of accidents can be reduced obviously, because of the rotating ring also provides automatic turntable choice, because the machine is doing the work, the operating personnel change near the area need to be eliminated. For the top of the application, install a overhead crane manufacturers can use rotary arm solution, and then let the two workers will be fixed at the top of the plate, and fixed them in one place, while fixed wrapper with laps film. The top film rolls are also heavy, about 70 pounds or more. The positioning of the film requires a forklift or a crane, in contrast, the solution to the octopus ring is brought to the floor level for ease of loading. Then, with the push of a button, people automatically locate the top form and can be used without the operator.

Of course, potential load pollution and sliding hazards are also associated with rotating arm technology. Because there is lubrication and major pivot points on the pallet above the upper arm, it is common to have oil and grease on the product or floor. This also is very troublesome, for people who have different problems, such as for food manufacturers and the general food processing, because this kind of exposure to oil and grease can produce a lot of pollution, these problems are eliminated by rotating ring machine, this is because no lubrication points of overhead.

If you’re talking about the upfront cost of the machine, the lower entry price is the spiral arm. However, if the total cost of ownership is being you assess, with the increase of flexibility in constant, maintenance, and greatly improve the safety of a greater return on investment can be swivel provided solutions in the long term. Our octopus users can save a lot of time on the use of the movie, with about 25-30% of the time, the movie tension setting and the packaging mode can be adjusted.

Finally, any solution can accomplish the task. The two solutions are completed, and the process is fast and efficient. A lot of things need to be considered, and we are here to help you, in order to make decisions and support efforts throughout the life cycle of your machine.

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