primary packaging materials

Since wal-mart first launched its sustainable development program in 2007, a problem that has always been hard to avoid is sustainable development. For them both, that is, packaging manufacturers and suppliers, over the past few years have been upgrading is additional pressure, “green” customers for their expectations are high, and don’t want to reduce, so that I can meet different sustainable development goals. However, more and more companies are realizing that implementing more sustainable practices not only improves the environment, but also improves their bottom line. For example, the rise in oil barrel costs has seriously affected companies that use petroleum products, so take the approach of having to reduce the use so that costs can be reduced. These factors are familiar to the stretching wrapper.

Can reduce packaging sustainability by reducing the utilization rate of primary packaging materials and increase the cube, but it is also very important, also is the end of the stretch packaging process for reducing waste and achieve the best product delivery. As another part of the supply chain, the problem cannot be ignored if the enterprise wants to meet the needs of the industry and make the overall production more efficient. It is also easier to achieve sustainability goals because of advances in equipment and technology, while minimizing costs.

Reducing the use of materials is in the name of sustainability. Better requirements are proposed by the reduction of primary packaging to the stretching packing operation. Manufacturers are no longer a form, like canned food in a carton. For most manufacturers, the necessity of creating an unstable load is a stretch wrap, for example, a bottle and an open top display box.

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